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Standing AKC blue bulldog stud, "QUAD" color carrier. Proven producer of rare dark chocolate tri puppies, rarest purple lilac tri, blue puppies, blue silver puppies & black tri puppies. Tux has consistently proven to produce every rare color & the rarest of the rare, "chocolate tri" & "purple lilac tri". Tux has also produced famous celebrity puppies & TV star puppies. Tux is OFA health certified & AKC reg. Tux is 100% healthy, clear breather & has s sweet laid back temperament. Tux is available at stud now to approved females see Stud Service.

Photos of Tux & Tux puppies below:

blue AKC english bulldog stud

Tux sired puppies below:

Tux daughter celebrity bulldog puppy:"Shrinkabulls My Entourage Sloan" Sloan is an amazing purple lilac tri AKC English Bulldog. She extremely beautiful & healthy girl! She is famous bulldog puppy who has been in many Hollywood productions such as music videos, movies, celebrity magazine & celebrity photo shoots to name a few: Keana’s music video “Candy from strangers”, The upcoming comedy movie "Maul Dogs” starting Eric Roberts (Julia Roberts brother), ER. Ruiz from sons of Anarchy and Murs. Celebrity photo shoots with GLEE actor Samuel Larsen, Blake Jenner, Nolan Funk from Riddick movie and the MTV show "Awkward", Dylan Sprayberry  from Man of Steel, Kirby Bliss from Project X movie, The Green Inferno & Chris Browns music video LOVE MORE. Sloan was also invited on set for Chris Brown’s new music video” LOVE MORE ” featuring Nicki Minaj and Nick Swardson. I WILL PUT MORE SLOAN'S VIDEOS & celeb pix mixed in with Tux other pups. She just has so many if I posted them we wouldn't have room to get on to other puppies :)

Behind the scenes Candy From Strangers:

lilac english bulldog puppies for sale

beautiful lilac tri english bulldog puppy


Tux's son: "SHRINKABULL BLUE LEGACY" born in 2011. Mother "W.C. Ocean". Legacy is now a famous celebrity puppy working in Hollywood (more NEWS coming soon). Below please see photos of Legacy, Legacy's litter & music videos with Legacy in them seen on MTV. Videos below with pop star Cher Lloyd & CHANTEL. Cher Lloyd's US music video of "I WANT YOU BACK" with our Legacy (Legacy is seen at the beginning & the end of the video). The UK video of "I WANT YOU BACK" received near 100 million views in its first month! He has also been featured in other music videos. See Legacy pictured below video with Cher & Craig. Legacy is a "QUAD" color carrier like his daddy, carrying blue, chocolate & every rare color :)

Shrinkabulls Blue Legacy english bulldog blue stud

blue english bulldog

Cher Lloyd bulldog puppy

blue english bulldog puppies

Below: "Tux" son "SHRINKABULL DEIGO" super rare purple lilac tri. He is an extremely rare bulldog, born in 2011. I don't know of any others have been born with his colors/markings. He is purple lilac tri with green violet eyes, DNA ddbb2 ky at/at. Diego is dd/blue & carries bb double dilute chocolate from two different chocolate genes both S4IC +/+, 345delp +/+!!

lilac english bulldog puppy

3 week old video:

"Mocha" sired by Tux is the FIRST known dark chocolate tri color blue carrier female english bulldog to be born in the WORLD. She is a "QUAD" color carrier sired by our blue stud

chocolate tri bulldog

english bulldog puppies chocolate

More beautiful Tux puppies:

black tri bulldog puppies

english bulldog puppies

blue bulldog puppy

blue bulldog puppies

blue bulldog puppies

english bulldog puppies

blue bulldog

Tux OFA & puppy pictures of Tux below:

Tux blue tri bulldog puppy photos

blue bulldog

blue english bulldog pictures

new born blue bulldog puppies





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