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Companion Dog Group # 8

General Appearance: To be correct a Miniature Bulldog must be a small size smooth coat dog with a heavy, thick-set, low-swung body, with wide shoulders and sturdy limbs and massive short-faced head. Miniature Bulldog general appearance and attitude should suggest great strength & courage. Disposition should be friendly, (not vicious or aggressive) and dignified.

Size, Proportion, and Symmetry:

SIZE: The size for a mature Miniature Bulldog is about 12 - 14" tall.

PROPORTION: The circumference of the skull in front of the ears should measure at least the height of the dog at the shoulders.

SYMMETRY: The "points" should be well distributed and bear good relation one to the other. Females not so grand as males.


EYES: The eyes, seen from the front, should be situated low down in the skull, as far from the ears as possible, and their corners should be in a straight line at right angles with the stop. They should be quite in front of the head, as wide apart as possible, provided their outer corners are within the outline of the cheeks when viewed from the front. They should be quite round in form, of moderate size.

EARS: The ears should be rosed. Ears should be set high in the head, the front inner edge of each earjoining the outline of the skull at the top back corner of skull, so as to place them as wide apart, and as high, and as far from the eyes as possible. The ears should be small and thin. The shape termed "rose ear" is the most desirable. The rose ear folds inward at its back lower edge, the upper front edge curving over, outward and backward, showing part of the inside of the burr. (The ears should not be erect or prick or buttoned and never be cropped.)

SKULL: The skull should be very large in circumference, very broad and square so as to appear block shaped. In front of the ears, should measure at least the height of the dog at the shoulders. Viewed at the side, the head should appear very high, and very short from the point of the nose. The forehead should be flat (not domed).

CHEEKS: The cheeks should be rounded protruding sideways and outward beyond the eyes.

STOP: The frontal bones should be very defined, broad, square and high, causing a hollow or groove between the eyes. This indentation, or stop, should be both broad and deep and extend up the middle of the forehead.

blue english bulldogFace and Muzzle: From the front of the cheekbone to the tip of the nose, should be extremely short so when the dog's head is viewed from the side it almost gives the the appearance of being completely flat faced. The muzzle being very short, wide, turned upward and very deep from the corner of the eye to the corner of the mouth.

NOSE: The nose should broad and black, its tip set back deeply between the eyes. The distance from bottom of stop, between the eyes, to the tip of nose should be as short as possible.

LIPS: "Flews" should be thick, broad, pendant and completely overhanging the lower jaw at each side. They join the underlip in front and almost cover the teeth, which should be hardly be noticeable when the mouth is closed.

BITE & JAWS: The jaws should be massive, wide, square and "undershot," the lower jaw projecting in front of the upper jaw and turning up.

TEETH: The teeth should be strong & large.

Neck, Topline, & Body:


NECK: Very thick and strong. Topline: There is a slight fall in the back, close behind the shoulders (lowest part), next the spine should rise to the loins and curving again more suddenly to the tail, forming an arch or "roach back".

BODY: The brisket should be deep, ribs should be well-rounded.

CHEST: The chest should be very broad, deep and full. Ribs should be well sprung & very deep.

BACK & LOIN: The back should be short and strong, very broad at the shoulders and narrow at the loins.

TAIL: The tail may be either "spiked" or "screwed" , the tail should always be shorter than the hock.


SHOULDERS: Muscular widespread shoulders.

FORELEGS: Short, very stout, and muscular, set wide apart.

ELBOWS: Elbows are low and loose from the body.

FEET: Of moderate size, compact. Feet should be straight or slightly out-turned.


LEGS: Hind legs are strong, muscular and lose jointed. The hind legs are longer than the front legs, so as to elevate the loins. The stifles should be turned slightly outward.

Coat and Skin:

COAT: Coats should be smooth straight, short, flat, and glossy.

SKIN: The skin should be loose, especially at the head and shoulders.

WRINKLES: Miniature Bulldog face should be heavy wrinkled.

DEWLAP: At the throat, from jaw to chest, there should be two loose folds of skin that form the dewlap.

Color of Coat: All colors except Albino

Gait: Miniature Bulldog's gait is a loose-jointed, shuffling motion that is to be unrestrained, free and vigorous, giving the characteristic " roll."

Scale of Points

General Properties  
Proportion & symmetry












Color of coat


Skull 5
Cheeks 2
Stop 4
Eyes & eyelids 3
Ears 5
Wrinkle 5
Nose 6
Chops 2
Jaws 5
Teeth 2
Body, Legs, etc.  
Neck 3
Dewlap 2
Shoulders 5
Chest 3
Ribs 3
Brisket 2
Belly 2
Back 5
Forelegs & elbows 4
Hind Legs 3
Feet 3
Tail 4
TOTAL: 100



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