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Shrinkabull Bulldog with American actor "CHAD MURRAY" from One Tree Hill, Rolling Stone, Walt Disney Freaky Friday, Teen Choice Awards etc. You can order the photos & the magazine in print here http://www.magcloud.com/browse/Issue/169409 :

CHAD MURRAY Obe tree hill bulldog

CHAD MURRAY actor from One Tree Hill, Rolling Stone. Chad Murray photos. Chad Murry pictures with Bulldog puppy Shrinkabulls. Chad Murray images

"Shrinkabull's Big Buddha Jackson"AMERICAN IDOL JUDGE RANDY JACKSON'S SHRINKABULL BABY! For more updates on Biggie please see Randy Jackson's site: http://www.randyjacksonnext.com/!

randy jackson American Idol family puppy

Randy Jackson American Idol Rolling Stone. Randy Jackson American Idol photos. Randy Jackson American Idol with Bulldog puppy Biggie from Shrinkabull Mini bulldogs. Randy Jackson American Idol images

"ShrinkAbulls Titan Of Troix" with actress "Shay Mitchell" from ABC Pretty Little Liars & Disney TV. You can order the photos & the magazine in print here http://www.magcloud.com/browse/Issue/163913 :

Shay Michelle Pretty Little Liars with Bulldog Titan

Shay Mitchell from ABC Pretty Little Liars photos, Pictures and videos of actress Shay Mitchell from Pretty Little Liars with Bulldog puppy Shrinkabulls Titan. Shay Mitchell images. Beautiful Shay Mitchell images


Blue bulldog Winston JonasJoe Jonas Ashley Greene Winston Jomas

oe Jonas & Ashley Greene with Joe Jonas's blue bulldog puppy Winston! Joe Jonas is one of the Jonas brothers. Joe Jonas images. Joe Jonas is a singer & Joe Jonas has wanted a bulldog for many years. Please see images of Joe Jonas with his dog. Joe Jonas & Ashley Greene for Twilight movie love Winston Joe Jonas ' s new blue bulldog puppy. Joe Jonas and Ashley Greene are wonderful dog loving people. Joe Jonas is pictured with Ashley Green and Winston here. Please see mo

Joe Jonas Winston Jonas

"SHRINKABULL LIMITED EDITION DARK CHOCOLATE REESE" on photo shoot with actor Matt Lanter from Beverly Hills 90210 and Vampire Sucks just to name a few.

Shrinkabull Bulldog with actress "BRIT MORGAN " from ABC Family TV & HBO True Blood ( vampire-drama TV series). You can order the photos & the magazine in print here: http://www.magcloud.com/browse/Issue/196700

BRIT MORGAN ABC vampire drama

BRIT MORGAN ABC vampire drama,BRIT MORGAN actress photos & BRIT MORGAN pictures with bulldog puppies. BRIT MORGAN is beautiful with Bulldog puppy Shrinkabulls Titan. Shay Mitchell images. Beautiful ShBRIT MORGAN bulldog puppy photos

Shrinkabull Bulldog with actress "ANGELA SARAFYAN"! Beautiful Angela has been in several movies & TV series such as: Judging Amy, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Shield, The Division, 24, Cold Case, South of Nowhere, CSI: NY and The Mentalist. She is scheduled to play "Tia" (an Egyptian vampire) in the upcoming Twilight movie, Breaking Dawn, and plays the role of "Willow" in the 2011 comedy A Good Old Fashioned Orgy from ABC Family TV & HBO True Blood ( vampire-drama TV series). You can order the photos in print here: http://www.magcloud.com/browse/Issue/184544


ANGELA SARAFYAN photos, and beautiful pictures of ANGELA SARAFYAN with bulldog puppy Shrinkabull Titan. ANGELA SARAFYAN images

Video & photo of ShrinkAbull english bulldog with "John Singleton". Famous American film director, screenwriter, and producer.

Titan Bulldog with John Singleton


ShrinkaBull bulldog with singer/actor "Diego Boneta", young Latin pop star & actor. Diego has had roles in 90210, ABC Family series of Pretty Little Liars, Cinderella Story 2 and others. You can order the photos in print here: http://www.magcloud.com/browse/Issue/169422

Diego Boneta photos

Diego Boneta photos. Pretty Little Liars Diego Boneta. Pretty Little LiarsDiego Boneta imagesDiego Boneta actor

Actor Dylan O'Brien with Shrinkabull Bulldog puppy. American actor Dylan co-stars as Stiles in the MTV series Teen Wolf. He also starred in the film High Road and will appear in the upcoming film The First Time.

Dylan O'Brien pictures

Dylan O'Brien pictures. Dylan O'Brien Teen Wolf. Dylan O'Brien images
Dylan O'Brien photos bulldog puppy Dylan O'Brien

Shrinkabull Bulldog with "Holland Roden". The Beautiful actress Holland is currently playing in MTV hit series Teen Wolf. She has played in Criminal Minds , Lost , COLD CASE, Bring It On: Fight to the Finish, CSI & many others...

Holland Roden actress

Holland Roden pictures. Holland Roden images with shrinkabull bulldog Titan. Holland Roden photos here!

Actor "Ian Harding" with Bulldog puppy "Shrinkabull Titan Of Troix". Ian currently plays in ABC Family series Pretty Little Liars. He has also played in NCIS: Los Angeles , Made In Hollywood, Adventureland, Deadtime Stories and many others. He also won the 2010 Teen Choice Awards!

Ian Harding Pretty Little Liars bulldog

Ian Harding photos Pretty Little Liars with bulldog puppy Titan. Ian Harding pictures with english bulldog puppy. Ian Harding images

English actor "Mitch Hewer" ( Mitchell Scott Hewer) with Shrinkabull bulldog puppy. Mitch has played in such TV series as The Xtra Factor, Britannia High , E4 teen drama, Skins and others. http://www.troixmagazine.com/view-past-issues#!__mitch

Mitch Hewer bulldog

Mitch Hewer photos and Mitchell Scott Hewer pictures! Mitch Hewer images with Shrinkabull Titan Of Troix!Mitch Hewer photos puppy

American actor Rami Said Malek with Shrinkabulls Bulldog puppy. Rami has had many TV & movie roles. Just to name a few he played in: the FOX comedy series The War at Home, HBO miniseries, The Pacific, Night at the Museum, Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonianm and up coming "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn"! http://www.troixmagazine.com/view-past-issues#!__rami

Rami Said Malek pictures

Rami Malek pictures, Rami Malek images with bulldog puppies. Rami Malek photos sexy hot with amazing Shrinkabull english bulldog puppy

Shrinkabull Bulldog with actress ANALEIGH TIPTON from THE GREEN HORNET movie, AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL and upcoming movie CRAZY STUPID LOVE! You can order the photos & the magazine in print here: http://www.magcloud.com/browse/Issue/164214


ANALEIGH TIPTON beautiful actress! ANALEIGH TIPTON with Bulldog puppy Titan. ANALEIGH TIPTON from Green HORNETmovie

Shrinkabull bulldog puppy with "Lil Romeo" aka "Romeo Miller" actor, singer, American rapper, dancer, basketball player, model & Fashion designer! His singles have charted #1 on the Hot R&B/Hip-hop. Lil Romeo has played in many movies & TV series such as the film Honey with Jessica Alba & ABC's Dancing With The Stars, Michael Jackson 30th Anniversary Celebration, American Music Awards ect... Below find pictures & video of Romeo with our famous Bulldog puppy Titan, Romeo Miller
with JUSTIN BIEBER at a NBA All-Star Celebrity Game JUSTIN BIEBER & Magic Johnson. & Romeo in Dancing with the Stars! To order in print click here: http://www.magcloud.com/browse/Issue/184567

Lil Romeo , Romeo Miller, Lil Romeo Miller Justin BIEBER

Romeo Miller with JUSTIN BIEBER. JUSTIN BIEBER & Romeo images. Photos of JUSTIN BIEBER & Lil Romeo Miller photos
Romeo Miller with JUST BIEBER

Romeo Miller Dancing With The Stars and JUSTIN BIEBER. JUSTIN BIEBER & Romeo images. Photos of JUSTIN BIEBER & Lil Romeo Mill photos
Romeo Miller Dancing With The Stars

Shrinkabull Bulldog with singer / actor Tyler Posey. Tyler Posey is cast in MTV hit television series of Teen Wolf . And has a host other other roles in moves and TV shows a like such as Maid in Manhattan , Smallville & Lincoln Heights to name a few :)

Tyler Posey with bulldog Titan

Actor "Sam Huntington" with Shrinkabull bulldog puppy has played in such movie & TV series as Disney TV, Jungle 2 Jungle, CSI: Miami, Detroit Rock City, Law & Order, Not Another Teen Movie, Rolling Kansas, Freshman Orientation, In Enemy Hands and River's End followed,CSI: NY, and Veronica Mars. In 2006, Huntington starred in Superman Returns, comedy Fanboys. He currently plays a werewolf in American SCI-FI television series. To order in print click here: http://www.magcloud.com/browse/Issue/196693

Sam Huntington pictures

=Sam Huntington pictures, Sam Huntington photos with bulldog Titan

Sam Huntington photos

Shrinkabull Bulldog with actor Tyler Blackburn from NBC "Pretty Little Liars" (BAD BOY Caleb AKA), COLD CASE & Nickelodeon to name a few

ShrinkAbull Bulldog "Titan" with American actor Benjamin Stone

Shrinkabull Bulldog with Tony Oller American actor & musician


actor Tony Oller





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